BF Movie : Sensual and Exciting BF Movie For You


Are you a bollywood buff, bf movie film buff ? What genre of bf movies appeal you more ? Is it the nerve tickling comedy movies that send you rolling on the floor? Or the power packed wall-breaking action that appeals the masses from the word go ? Or the highly romantic and sensual bf film movies that gets you going along their flow ? Wait a minute , if you are thinking that these are the only ones that reach out to the audience more then let me give you few more categories that enjoy a massive cult following if properly pulled off by the actors concerned. Firstly it is the biopic, that people go crazy about if it’s of an eminent personality ( Sanju for instance , an upcoming biopic centred on Sanjay Dutt) and the second revolves around the social causes that aim to create awareness among the masses ( Akshay kumar’s Toilet ek prem katha that focused on rural and urban sanitation). Bollywood seems to be the one stop for all the important occasions in any individual’s life. It provides the viewers varied genres of bf film movies like action , comedy , romance along with a tinge of masala in the right proportions with just the right set of highly entertaining actors and actresses to produce a highly engrossing block buster bf movie. One can’t imagine the level of entertainment a bf movie promises to its viewers. But one thing is for sure, the level of fun and entertainment gets multiple folds when you are watching with your partner. And it’s generally advised that when in the company of your loved ones , you ought to tune in the best bf movies film to get the magic going. You wouldn’t want to put a break to the joyful moments by going in for a flick that becomes a massive turnoff for either you or your other half.

On an average , bf movie movies manage to hit the big screen every year with varying degrees of romantic, comedy, action or drama bf movies. And a large percentage of the films manage to captivate the viewer’s attention and in turn compels them to plunge towards the theatres again and again with their charm and content. Also what governs their business is the on screen chemistry of actors and actresses , their sensual dance performances and cheeky dialogue deliveries that deliver the required impact on the audience concerned. And Bollywood knows the art of striking the right chord with their absolutely perfect content. bf movies make sure that people get what they want and aims to make sure that people don’t feel even a pinch of boredom when they come in at huge numbers to watch even for a minute. Watching a bf movie with your soulmate is like savouring an english wine. Just like a wine gives the perfect taste when under right conditions, right temperature and with the right filtrations, similarly, watching a bollywood bf movie with your partner must tick off all the needed checkboxes. And finding a right bf movie that matches your expectations is one tiring thing. You can search all you want , be it a comedy flick or an action or romance, if it fails to create any magic moment between you and your partner then it wouldn’t be of any help. Then it would appear as a forced act or a forced participatory thing which involves pushing one against the partner’s interest .Don’t worry , we have prepared a list of some of the best bf movies that could surely make a memorable experience for you and your partner. So without wasting a minute further , let’s have a look at the best bollywood movies, that have over the years earned the rapport of being the most suitable flicks to watch out for when in the company of your partner.

Best Bollywood Movies to watch with your partner bf movie is a list of the best romantic and drama bf movies, romcom movies that you must watch with your partner and revive the love (if you are an old couple) or create a love with some tadka (if you are already feeling for someone). You might find some of the movies stated here to be already watched or saved in your watchlist. But if you have missed on any one of the movies stated here, then you must watch it without fail. This list of best bollywood romantic movies not only contains movies of recent times but all some of the bf movies from the retro collection. So, without further ado, let’s get into the list quickly.

When we talk about Bollywood movies, then we can say that there is a Bollywood keeda in each one of us. Bollywood movie scenes and movie dialogues are the best thing we imitate and revive bollywood within us. Be it a bad day or a good one or we are happy, sad, disgusted or whatever, there is a song for everything in bollywood. There are even songs for various phases of love which is quite similar to the bollywood movies as well. Therefore, several apps like musically, like etc have been released around the internet so that you can take full advantage of the bollywood movie dialogues and scenes. If you and your partner is thinking to binge watch a bollywood bf movie in this season with a bowl of popcorn, then these bf movies are highly recommended. Before we move onto the list, I would like to mention that the list has been categorised into two categories which separately contains best bollywood movies/ films from the contemporary and retro era.